Friday, April 28, 2017

Using PNG Graphic Files in Document Templates

When you attach city logos are other graphic files to document templates in the Document Editor it is important to use as small a file size as possible. To this end it may be worth considering using the PNG format which is often even smaller than JPGs. Even though PNG files are not included by default when you search to attach a graphic file to a document template via the Document Editor, they are supported. To find them you have to change the default "Files of Type" navigation dialog drop-down to "All Files." Then you can attach a PNG file and it should work just fine.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tag Field Made Easier

I've just changed the Tag field on the Property Screen in ZP SQL so that it can be marked and unmarked without having to first hit Edit on the record. This is the way it worked in ZP 32 but in an effort to minimize internet calls I didn't keep it that way in ZP SQL. The downside though was that marking a record then required 3 clicks in ZP SQL instead of just the one click it took in ZP 32. The Tag field option is a great way to select a group of property records for inclusion in reports or labels from the Mailing Label report screen, but it is not really useful if the selection process is cumbersome. This change should once again make it a much more helpful option in ZP SQL.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Printing DBA's In Application Document Screens

A year ago I added a DBA field to the Contact File database and since then I have gotten several requests to be able to print that field from the Document Screens in the various application databases. I've figured out a way to add that field to the PropNames data construct that is available in every application screen so that now you can print the DBA for Owners or Occupants on permits and letters. I've created a special custom document that demonstrates all the name options using the PropNames data. You can download "Name_Options.Zip" from the Downloads page of our web site to see how this all works.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Property Linking in Staff Web Site

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new option in the Contact File Screen that makes it easy to link a contact record with multiple properties without having to go to each actual Property Screen record. Now that feature has been extended to the Staff web site. there is a new Manage Property Links option available from the Contact main page that essentially does the same thing. It provides an easy way to link a contact record to additional property records from one screen. The new page has already been uploaded to all ZP internet accounts and is ready for use!

Monday, February 29, 2016

New Property Linking Option in Contact File Screen

As you know Contact File records are designed so that any property can have as many contacts associated with it as needed, and any contact can be associated with as many property records as needed. The way the Windows screens were designed it is easy to go to a Property Screen and add new contacts to it, but not as easy to assign one contact to multiple properties. That shortcoming has been addressed with a new Link button that has been added to the Contact File Screen. Starting at a Contact File Screen you can now click on the Link button to search for other property records that the contact should have a link to and then make that link. Using this method you can quickly link a given Contact File record to multiple property records. (The updated Contact File Module with this feature is ready for download through the Installed Modules Screen.)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rental Record Archive Option

An option has been added to ZonePro that allows users to move older records out of the Rental database. The old records are then stored in an archive database that is created just for that purpose. To use this option you would go to the ZP Toolbox screen and click on the SQL Archive Utility button. A new tab has been added here for Rental records. It only selects records that were entered at least five years ago and have a Rental Status of "Archive." These records can then be pulled out of the main database and stored in a new one. The benefit of using this tool is really just reducing the size of the Rental database and thereby speeding up report operations and other activities that sift through the full set of records. The downside is that you are removing records that may be of historical interest.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Install Tip for Path Name

I have run into an issue a couple of times where the installation path name tripped up a feature in ZonePro. The issue is that you do not want to have any spaces in the installation path name for ZonePro. So c:\zpsql\install\zpsql.exe is fine but not c:\zp  sql\install\zpsql.exe. Although most features work just fine, this issue is known to cause problems when exporting "to spreadsheet." Better to avoid.